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FMA/F2 Management Accounting


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Management Accounting study syllabus

  1. nature and purpose of cost and management accounting (Coming soon)
  2. Cost classification (Coming soon)
  3. Cost behaviour and cost estimation(Coming soon)
  4. Business mathematics and computer spreadsheets (Coming soon)
  5. Accounting for materials and labour (Coming soon)
  6. Accounting for overheads (Coming soon)
  7. Accounting for costs: ledger entries (Coming soon)
  8. Marginal costing and absorption costing (Coming soon)
  9. Job costing, batch costing and service costing (Coming soon)
  10. Process costing (Coming soon)
  11. Budgeting (Coming soon)
  12. Standard costing and variance analysis (Coming soon)
  13. Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis (Coming soon)
  14. Relevant costs (Coming soon)
  15. Limiting factors and linear programming (Coming soon)