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I1.2 Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting study guide and syllabus
iCPAR I1.2 notes. Conceptual frame work.
I. Presentation of Financial Statements.
iCPAR I1.2 Session two .IAS 2,Inventories
2. Property, Plant & Equipment
3. Accounting Government Grants & Disclosure of Government Assistance(coming soon)
4. Accounting for Leases(coming soon)
5. Investment Property(coming soon)
6. Intangible Assets(coming soon)
7. Inventories(coming soon)
8.Provisions, Contingent Liabilities & Contingent Assets(coming soon)
9. Events after the Reporting Period (coming soon)
10.Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates & Errors(coming soon)
11. The effects of changes in Foreign Exchange Rates(coming soon)
12. Statements of Cash Flows.
13. Construction Contracts.(coming soon)
14.Earnings Per Share.(coming soon)
15.Income Taxes.(coming soon)
16. Revenue(coming soon)
17. Financial Instruments(coming soon)
18.First time adoption of IFRSs(coming soon)
19.Agriculture(coming soon)
20. Operating Segments(coming soon)
21.Consolidated statements of financial position(coming soon)
22. Consolidated statements of comprehensive(coming soon)
23. Consolidated statement of cash flows(coming soon)
24.Interpretation of Financial Statements(coming soon)
25. Government sector financial reporting(coming soon)
26.The international standard setting process and IPSAs(coming soon)