CPA (U) P1 Financial Accounting


To enable students develop an understanding of the fundamentals of financial accounting relating to bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements.


The examination will test knowledge, skill and comprehension of the principles of accounting relating to double entry bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements


There will be a three hour examination made up sections A and B. Section A will comprise of 20 compulsory multiple-choice questions of 20 marks. Section B will comprise of five questions of 20 marks each, of which the candidate will be required to attempt any four.

CPA (U) New  Study guide and syllabus 2016  
CPA P1 Study guide and syllabus.

Study Materials are updated for 2017 Exams

Study Materials are updated for 2017 Exams

1.Introduction to Financial Accounting.
2. conceptual Framework.
3. Accounting concepts.
4. Accounting concepts & bases.
5. Accounting equation
6. Double entry system.
7. Extraction of Trial Balance.
8. Books of prime entry.
9. Correction of errors notes.
10. Suspense accounts and errors notes.

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