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CPA (U) P16 Advanced Financial Management

To enable the learner broaden their knowledge and skills, and exercise judgment in the effective management of financial resources.

The examination will test the learner’s evaluation, analytical and synthetic skills in financial decision making.

There will be a three hour examination made up sections A and B. Section A will comprise of one compulsory question of 50 marks. Section B will comprise of four questions of 25 marks each, of which the candidate will be required to attempt any two

CPA (U) New  Study guide and syllabus 2016  
P16 Study guide and syllabus. (coming soon)

The study materials are being updated for 2016 Exams

1.Introduction to P16

2.Security Valuation and cost of capital.

3. Weighed Average cost of capital.

4.Portfolio Theory and CAPM

5.Basic Investment Appraisal

6.Relevant Cash Flows

7.Advanced investment Appraisal
8.Asset Replacement Methods(Coming soon)
9.Business Valuation(Coming soon)
10.Islamic Finance
11.Mergers and acquisitions(Coming soon)
12.Corporate Reconstruction and Reorganization(Coming soon)
13.Options(Coming soon)
14.Foreign Exchange Risk Management(Coming soon)
15.Interest rate Risk Management(Coming soon)